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This page was updated on 1/24/2023

Copy of New Member Onboarding Form

What Does Membership Include?

Member Storage Info

What About donations?

Member Held Events

Kitchen & Shop Cleanliness

What if something happens with another member & I need to report it?

How to close up shop when you leave

Code of Conduct

  • We honor each other.
  • We keep things light.
  • We leave hard feelings behind.
  • We resolve our differences with honor, respect and compassion.
  • We handle issues thoughtfully, when appropriate.
  • We acknowledge our differences when setting deadlines and we ask for help when needed to meet them.
  • We offer help when we see someone getting behind.
  • We check in with each other and delegate.
  • We learn and grow from our mistakes.
  • We help each other focus on strengths and overcome weaknesses.

For a detailed Code of Conduct including consequences of violation see here Code of Conduct