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The Metalshop is currently (October 2022) undergoing a MASSIVE reorganization effort to improve:

  • Productivity
  • Cleanliness
  • Safety

And will be out of commission until we complete all TODO items of minimum viability. Fortunately, YOU CAN HELP!

Metalshop TODO Items
Category Item Priority Notes
Walls Framing + Drywalling Minimum Viability
Mudding + Painting Minimum Viability Do before Elec. & Air lines
Doors Autoshop exit High
Central space exit High
Back bay exit High
Fadal Barn Door High Sliding(pocket?) door for rear access to the Fadal VMC
Access control Shop Access Control Medium Keyfob door locks
Machine Access Control Low Power interlocks (code or keyfob)
Safety Security Camera High Improved 1/4-20 pivoting mount for IP cam
Emergency Response Minimum Viability Fire extinguisher, first aid
Category Item Priority Notes
Power North wall distribution High 240V and 120V, Possibly individual circuit for the Fadal
Private breaker panel Medium Possibility of Metalshop having its own breaker panel?
Welding cells High 240V receptacles in each cell, 120V?
Work Table Reel Medium Retractable cable-reel above big metal table
Compressed Air Compressor placement Minimum Viability Needs 240V Access
Distribution air dryer Minimum Viability Only distribute clean air throughout metalshop (no water or oil)
Compressor enclosure Low Enclose compressor for sound isolation
North Wall Distribution High Hard airline ran along walls, ports for cleanoff hoses at each machine
Category Item Priority Notes
Cleaning supplies Broom & Dustpan stations Minimum Viability At least 2 broom+dustpan stations for chip cleanup
Tool Organization Angle Grinders High Attach guards & handles, build hanging rack
Tooling Low Sort first into {drills, taps, reamers, mills}, sort each by size
Work Stations
Category Item Priority Notes
Welding Cells Fume Exhaust High Add ducting above cells, use knockout in wall

Contributing to the Metalshop

Fall 2022 Reorg: take ownership of a TODO Item! Post in the slack and a shop captain will give you the details!

Being a member of a makerspace means you are obligated to make-YOUR-space: everyone is responsible for upkeep and improvement.

  1. Sweep your area + 10 feet
  2. Check that tools are in proper place
  3. Sort stock


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