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"Vivid" CNC Router
LinuxCNC running

This equipment requires training. Either it's tricky to use, or it's someone's personal equipment, or it's easy to make expensive mistakes with.

This machine is not presently in service. When it's up and running, a training course will be provided.


Homemade CNC router donated by Vivid Aerial R/C. It is made largely with parts from Avid CNC, the name similarity seems to be a coincidence.

It is driven by LinuxCNC and a Gecko G540. It has a high frequency water cooled spindle that runs off 220V 3-phase (generated by a VFD), and the 220V powering the VFD is from a 110V to 220V step up transformer.

The machine needs some repairs!!! Talk to Forest Darling if interested:

  • the water cooling setup needs to be reconnected and double checked for good flow
  • the Z-axis works, but sounds terrible and needs adjustment to eliminate the excessive friction
  • the stepper motors (or their cables?) seem to be overheating, and possibly the Gecko G540 that drives them



  • maximum cutting area
  • maximum feedrate
  • usable spindle RPM range
  • maximum tool shank diameter
  • electrical power requirements
  • overall machine size/weight


The machine is currently set up with LinuxCNC, a powerful (but not always user-friendly) open source alternative to Artsoft Mach3.

Axis Microsteps per revolution Motor Gear Teeth Driven Gear Teeth Pinion Teeth Pinion/Ballscrew Lead (in) Steps per inch
X 2000 20 60 20 5/32" 1920
Y 2000 20 60 20 5/32" 1920
Z 2000 [N/A] [N/A] [N/A] 1/10" 20000

Velocity/acceleration settings:

Axis Max Velocity (in/s) Max Acceleration (in/s2)
X 3.0 30.0
Y 3.0 30.0
Z 0.5 25.0

Max travel settings:

Axis Min (in) Max (in)
X -0.001" +21.750"
Y -0.001" +25.260"
Z -4.200" +0.001"

Replacement Parts


Technically the controller is LinuxCNC, but the hardware side of things is a Gecko G540. The G540 typically connects to the parallel port on a PC running LinuxCNC or Mach3 generating step/direction pulse-trains that ultimately drive the stepper motors.

The G540 has on-board stepper motor drives, an analog spindle speed output as well as some relay outputs for forward/reverse, limit switch inputs, and an optional watchdog timer that shuts everything off when communication times out (the controller is configured to generate a square wave on a specific pin to prevent the timeout).

Gecko G540 4-Axis Stepper Motor Drives - CNC Wiki

G540 Multi Axis Digital Stepper Drive | Geckodrive

The parallel port pin assignments:

Pin Inverted I/O Function
2 out Y Step (right)
3 out Y Direction (right)
4 out Y Step (left)
5 out Y Direction (left)
6 out Z Step
7 out Z Direction
8 out X Step
9 out X Direction
10 in Y- Limit/Home
11 in X- Limit/Home
12 in Z+ Limit/Home
14 out Spindle PWM
15 in E-Stop Button
16 out Charge Pump
17 out Spindle CW (forward)

Stepper Motors

LOT NO: 201304

57BYGH43306BS specifications

57BYGH43306BS torque curve

Above links taken from: 380 oz-in NEMA 23 Stepper Motor, 1/4" Shaft - CRP100-00-01 | Avid CNC | CNC Router Parts

TODO: determine if all axes use the same type of motor

Timing Belts

Gates Power Grip GT 267-3GT-9

Vivid CNC Gates 267-3GT-9 Timing Belt.jpg


Vivid CNC HY GDZ-80-1.5 220V Spindle.jpg

Spindle markings:

GFZ-80-1.5  Ø80x188
220V    1.5Kw   5A
400Hz    24000rpm

"HY" is probably for Huanyang, the same brand that makes the VFD. The spindle is a ubiquitous and possibly generic 1.5kW 80mm water cooled spindle similar to this:

EBay Item 113218447894 80mm 1 5kW ER 11 Water Cooled Spindle Stock Photo.jpg $139.13 -- 110V 1.5KW 80MM ER11 WATER COOLED MOTOR SPINDLE ENGRAVING MILLING GRIND CNC

The spindle uses ER-11 collets.

Both of the water inlet/outlet compression fittings have been broken. The spindle has M8-1.25 threads for them. One was replaced with a spare, but another spare needs to be acquired.

AliExpress Water Cooled Spindle M8 Compression Fitting Stock Photo.jpg Free Shipping Engraving machine spindle interface circulating water faucets spindle shuizui-in Woodworking Machinery Parts from Tools on | Alibaba Group


Huanyang HY01D523B

Vivid CNC VFD.jpg
Huanyang HY01D523B VFD Sticker.jpg

HY Series VFD Manual

The VFD runs off 220V. A 220V step up transformer is used, make sure to use the 220V output on the front and correctly set the input voltage to 110V on the back as shown in this photo:

Vivid CNC 220V Transformer Input Voltage Setting.jpg

The VFD is controlled via FWD/REV run terminals as well as a 0-10VDC analog (or PWM) spindle speed signal. The 0V and 10V voltages are provided by the VFD. Here is a photo of the wiring on both ends:

Vivid CNC VFD Control Wiring.jpg
Vivid CNC Gecko G540 Screw Terminal Wiring.jpg
Wire Color VFD Pin Gecko G540 Pin Function
yellow FWD 5 "Output 1" forward run
black ACM 7 "VFD GND" VFD analog 0V
red 10V 9 "VFD +10VDC" VFD analog +10V
orange VI 8 "VFD Output" VFD speed command (0-10V analog/PWM)

And the power wiring:

Vivid CNC VFD Power Wiring.jpg

Water Pump

A replacement water pump for the water-cooled spindle has been ordered, it's the same type that the K40 uses:

EcoPlus ECO-396 Stock Photo.jpg $23.95 -- EcoPlus 728310 Eco 396 Fixed Flow Submersible/Inline Pump 396 GPH

Power Supply

Vivid CNC Generic S-350-48 Power Supply.jpg



Amazon B00XTHKIGM Stock Photo.jpg STEPPERONLINE Switching Power Supply 350W 48V 7.3A for CNC Router Kits 115V/230V S-350-48