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There are a few steps to teaching a workshop at Make Nashville. We want you to teach if you are:

  • Experienced in the area you wish to teach (If you've never done it before, we love that you are learning but we don't want you to teach it quite yet.)
  • Organized to the point you can put together a class (and we can help with this if you need it)
  • Comfortable getting up in front of folks and teaching
  • Passionate about helping people learn

If you would like to teach at Make Nashville, we would love to consider your workshop!

Anyone in the community is allowed to teach a workshop. You will need to write out some form of lesson plan. We require this because we want to make sure that we are putting forward the best possible experience for the folks who come to our space to learn.

Write a Proposal

The first thing you will need to do is write out a basic proposal of the workshop you would like to teach.

Proposal Templates

Meet with the Education Team

Once you have completed your proposal form, a conversation should be had with the Director of Education. We want to make sure you've thought through everything and that you know your stuff when it comes to subject matter and to get to know you a little.


In order to teach, we need documentation on file for you.

  • Completed background check form (pdf link needed)
  • Two forms of state-issued ID copied and on file
  • Completed tax form (if you are earning income)
  • Instructor contract (will indicate whether you are volunteering or will be paid)

Booking Your Workshop

To book your workshop, meet with a member of the education team. They will take the information from your proposal template and ask for some additional information.

  • Plan to book your workshop 1 month in advance of teaching it, at minimum.
  • You should have a completed version of the project or activity you are wishing to teach
  • Your lesson plan should be submitted 1 week prior to your class start date.

Completing Your Lesson Plan

We need to have documented at least an outline of what you are teaching. This document should include:

  • All materials needed to complete the workshop
  • Number of students max/min
  • Safety precautions
  • Step-by-step of the activities participants will be going through (a rough outline is fine)

When you are done, your lesson plan, slides and other information should be put in the Workshops folder on Google Drive. (Only instructors will have access to this folder.) (https://drive.google.com/drive/u/2/folders/18fIl1qRGiL_mG42IhpGCreGP9Mc3pmPz)

Prior to Class

  • You will need a login for Eventbrite so that you can monitor the attendance for your event.
  • Coordinate with the Education team about who will be purchasing supplies.
    • If you purchase supplies, keep your receipts. As you buy things, you can forward them to workshops@makenashville.org with the class name somewhere in the message.
    • If Make Nashville purchases supplies, you must email the Eduaction Coordinator (When we have one) or Director of Education a list of links from which to purchase supplies.

Day of Class

  • Before Class
    • Please plan to arrive about 1 hour prior to the start of class to make sure your room or area is properly set up.
    • Assistants should plan to arrive about half an hour before the start of class.
  • During Class
    • Check in students in Eventbrite and have them physically sign in.
    • There is a paper sign-in form. Please fill it out and drop it in the education office drop box after class.
      • If you have cash payments, those students MUST be signed in using eventbrite and the CASH code.
      • Cash must be put in an appropriate envelope and dropped in the education office drop box after class.
    • Teach the class!
    • Offer a tour at the end of class for students and answer any questions about membership.
    • Engage members in cleaning up after class.
      • It is incredibly important that we teach everyone who walks through our doors that caring for our facility and leaving the space nice for the next person who comes along creates a positive community culture.
  • After Class
    • Send out evaluation form through Eventbrite as well as a link to any slides or resources in the class. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfZi20KZXL6qcxJcQTVgrB1Trrly7CQyKksZ_mhjSumNzZEAQ/viewform?usp=sf_link
    • Submit all expenses to workshops@makenashville.org.
    • Drop cash payments in the lock box in the education office.
    • The Education Coordinator or Director of Education will then do an expense report on your class and let you know how much income was generated by your class.
    • Submit an invoice for payment to workshops@makenashville.org for the amount in the above step.
      • Payments for the prior month are generally made right before the board meeting every month. Board meetings are on the Second Wednesday of the month. Financial reports are due to the board at this time, so payouts go out as a part of that process. Payouts are made via PayPal unless otherwise noted by the instructor. (If you submit an invoice any time in October, for example, it will be paid by the November board meeting.)