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What is a Shop Captain and a Shop Manager?

A Shop Captain is a volunteer leader that takes responsibility for the operations of a smaller area, or shop, of the Makerspace. Shop captains work as a team. The Shop Manager is an existing Shop Captain who takes responsibility for setting meetings and distributing information to Shop Captains.

Who are the current shop captains?

Roles and Responsibilities

Shop captains are the individuals who are responsible for the following:

Facilities & Maintenance Duties

  • Ensuring equipment is maintained
  • Ensuring consumables are replenished on a regular basis (like welding wire, for example)
  • Prioritizing shop safety and creating/posting signage in the shop with policies
  • Establishing shop policies and sharing them with members and shop users
  • Ensuring that proper safety equipment is available.
  • Keeping all shop-related information up to date on this Wiki
  • Communicating problems or issues to the Executive Director.

Educational Duties

  • Making sure that members using the shops have access to resources to learn to safely operate the tools
  • Leading shop orientations if no other teacher is available
  • Helping find qualified instructors to teach workshops and to mentor members
  • Making sure that there are classes and programming scheduled regularly in their shop
  • Planning for the growth and improvement of the shop

Shop Growth Duties

  • Helping find better tools through donations
  • Being a point of communication with donors that provide tools or resources for their shop
  • Engaging members in growing and improving their shop

Shop Manager Roles and Responsibilities

In addition to any regular shop duties, the Shop Manager is responsible for

  • Scheduling regular shop captain meetings
  • Helping onboard new shop captains
  • Checking your corresponding Shop Channel on Slack each day to keep abreast of news and needs