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Welcome to Make Nashville's now completely official Wiki!

Welcome to Make Nashville

The Make Nashville Wiki is a space where we are able to keep track of all of the different facets of our makerspace. It should be the first place that you go to answer questions about the space if a staff member or leader isn't around to ask.

Specifically, on this wiki, users can learn about all the tools and shops that we offer, policies, safety, shop etiquette, as well as where to look for classes and workshops.

Mission Statement


620b Davidson St
Nashville, TN 37213


info [@]


The shops at Make Nashville exist because of the experience and interest of the membership of the organization. The requirement for starting a shop is based on having an active and interested person or team to run that area of the shop, that the shop fit into the organization's mission, and that the space exists to host the new shop.

The shops are run by shop captains.

Here is a map of the facility:

Makerspace Map

Here are all of the different areas in the shop and how they work.

Other resources:

Member Information

Workshops and Classes

We want members with good experience as well as others in our community to be building the knowledge and skills of the people we serve. We offer workshops and educational experiences for our members, for the general public, and as outreach to community groups.


Make Nashville Organizational Structure

The Make Nashville makerspace has 7 different departments under which the work of operating the makerspace and creating maker education and outreach program occurs.

At present, all leadership is volunteer. The goal by end of 2020 is to be hiring for key roles in the organization.

Board of Directors

External Web Resources

Make Nashville Official Website

Workshops on Eventbrite

Make Nashville Facebook

Make Nashville Slack

Make Nashville's Amazon Wish List

Make Nashville's Liability Waiver

Make Nashville Operations Manual (Google Folder)

Corporate Sponsors

Our organization thrives because of the generous donations and support of our corporate sponsors. If you know of someone who would like to sponsor Make Nashville's programs or our shops, please have them contact the Executive Director or a member of the Board of Directors.

Sponsorship Packet

Businesses that are Owned by Our Members