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Carve King CNC router

The Carve King CNC router is on loan to the shop from Keech, starting in the fall of 2019. It is a "Carve King" by MillRight.


  • This router is not sturdy; the frame will deflect when machining hard materials or at aggressive feed rates. Please do not use metal with this machine (just wood, plastic, foam, and other soft materials).
  • This machine uses a hardware-store router. Speed "6" on the router dial is 12,000 RPM. There is no computer control of spindle speed.
  • The router has a 1/4" collet. A 1/8" collet is available, but we don't have one; for now, use end mills and router bits with a 1/4" shank with this machine. You can get 1/4" and 1/8" end mills with 1/4" shanks.
  • Table area is about 20" by 20". The maximum practical workpiece size is about 16" by 16" (perhaps slightly larger). Nominal vertical travel is about 5", but the actual maximum workpiece size is about 2" (1" for the spoilboard, 2" for the workpiece, 2" for clearance plus the end mill itself if entering the workpiece from the top).
  • The upper cable guard will sometimes come loose and touch the X axis limit switch, causing the machine to stop. If the machine stops in the middle of the table, check to see if that happened.

Feeds and Speeds

The following settings have produced good results. If you try something new and it works, add entries at the bottom of the table.

Material Tool Depth Per Pass Router Dial Feed Rate Ramp Rate Plunge Rate User / Date Notes
plywood 1/4" 2-flute flat end mill 3 mm "6" 500 mm/min 100 mm/min 100 mm/min CJT fall 2019 Decent results.
HDPE 1/8" 1-flute flat end mill 3 mm "6" (100 mm/min ?) (25 mm/min ?) (25 mm/min ?) CJT fall 2019 Poor bottom finish.
pink styrofoam 1/4" 2-flute flat end mill 15 mm "6" 2000 mm/min 1000 mm/min 500 mm/min CJT fall 2019 Vacuum constantly to avoid chip welding.

Hardware and Software Specs

  • The hardware-store router is a DeWalt DWP 611.
  • The machine's controller is FIXME: specific software package running on FIXME: specific hardware board. It speaks GRBL.
  • The controller really doesn't like certain commands; in particular, it fails on tool changes (M6), operating plane selection (G17, G18, G19), and various other things (such as the "G28 G91 Z0" line Fusion likes to put in at the top). Edit the post-processed G-code to remove all instances of these.
  • Use Universal G-Code Sender to talk to the controller.
  • FIXME: Stepper motor and motor driver information goes here. The vendor page has it.