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CNC hot-wire cutter

This equipment requires training. Either it's tricky to use, or it's someone's personal equipment, or it's easy to make expensive mistakes with.

Talk to Bond Hillstrom about getting access to this machine.

The CNC hot-wire cutter is on loan to the shop from Bond Hillstrom, starting in the fall of 2019 (FIXME: Will this live in the shop, or is it being taken home immediately?). It is a custom-made CNC machine based on FIXME: kit or part vendor information goes here.


FIXME: Content goes here.

  • When cutting, the wire should never touch the material. Feed rate must be slow enough for radiant heat from the wire to melt material without contact.
  • Materials that work well:
    • FIXME: List goes here. Styrofoam is probably one item.
  • Materials that are tricky but that may be cut:
    • FIXME: List goes here. Many plastics probably qualify.
  • Materials that should not be cut on this machine:
    • FIXME: List goes here. Many _other_ plastics probably qualify.
  • If a material is not in this list, get permission before testing it.

Machine Settings

FIXME: Settings you've had good luck with for specific materials go here.

Hardware and Software Specs

FIXME: Content goes here. Among other things, people will have to buy replacement wires pretty often to cover "oops" scenarios.